Boat Transfer Sea and Land


Relocating your boat is not always a simple matter. Sometimes you lack the time, sometimes you lack the necessary skills or simply the support of an experienced mate. But entrusting your boat to others who will take care of relocating it means looking for and finding competent, capable and helpful people. People you can trust 100%. Armatori Salentini, thanks to its extensive experience in the nautical sector and long activity in the management of shipyards and boat storage, has managed over the years to select professional transporters to whom entrust the transport of our customers' boats. These aspects of professionalism are rooted in our company and selected according to reliability and safety. The transport companies to which Armatori Salentini turns employ only experienced drivers, trained and experienced in the transport of boats of all kinds, aware of the fragility of what they carry and constantly scrupulous in the attacks and fixing. Armatori Salentini supervises loading and unloading operations and personally ensures that ratchet strips with screws and eyebolts are used and that the procedures are carried out correctly. Armatori Salentini, moreover, verifies that the boat transport has a specific insurance coverage and verifies that - when necessary - the driver is willing to sleep on the truck without ever losing sight of the boat.

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Handling practices for testing

Handling practices for R.I.N.A. tests Armatori Salentini in compliance with RINA certification provides a greater guarantee for the end customer. Shipowners guarantee a "safer" service, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, where necessary intervenes in the maintenance or overhaul of mandatory safety accessories, such as the fire-fighting system and self-inflating life rafts.

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Organization Exclusive Events With Hostess Support and Cook on Request

Our team is responsible for the design by sea and on the sea of corporate events parties, weddings, gala dinners, conferences, conventions and meetings heterogeneous in their being: from the launch of a sophisticated product to a cultural evening, from a fashion show to a charity event. Team building activities and corporate training tailored to the needs of the customer: we offer standard solutions, but above all customized activities that are soul and fun in prestigious events, conferences and incentives for the sales force.

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Advice on buying and selling boats

We offer our clients a complete professional consultancy to face with awareness and serenity all the delicate phases that lead to the purchase or sale of a pleasure boat. You will be able to take advantage of a very accurate service of evaluation used, just your boat and not one similar to yours. You will be able to consult a selection of used boats already requested by potential customers in order to match your offer to the demand in the shortest possible time.