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Armatori Salentini Boat and Yacht Services, whose objective is the affirmation of the brand Armatori Salentini is active in the nautical sector, lifestyle products and communication and carries out its activities mainly in services to support the nautical sector. The main services and products of the company are the activities of buying and selling boats and nautical charter, as well as the organization of events and exclusive parties on board of boats and merchandising of the same brand. The group develops and sells its own products and services.

Charter - Excursions Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca - Salento - Greek Islands


Advice on buying and selling new and used boats

The mission and philosophy of Armatori Salentini are largely contained in its name. Salento is not only the place where the company operates and resides, but also the main inspiration and driving force behind the Armatori Salentini project, which was born from the need to update the nautical world and to give life to a new style of living the passion for the sea.